A wedding is one of the major milestones of our lives and Hustle & Bustle Events is honored to play an important role in bringing your dream wedding to life. 

We take on the fine details with impeccable attention to ensure the planning process is a composed and enjoyable experience leading up to your marriage.

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Nicole & Tom

I couldn't imagine planning my wedding without the services of Michelle. From the day I signed on, I felt like I had a solid resource to go to with any sort of question related to vendors and best practices.  

 Basically, anything I stressed out about, I was able to lean on Michelle as an unofficial member of my bridal party. I felt like I could go to Michelle with any question, concern, idea and she would handle it or offer appropriate advice. I loved being able to turn over all my vendor contracts to her so she could take that off my plate and make sure that everyone followed our day-of timeline to a T! It was so helpful to have someone keep our vendors on track, keep US on track, and keep our guests on track so we could enjoy a stress-free wedding. Michelle brings a wealth of experience and a fun-loving attitude to her job. She is professional, personable, and 100% on top of the details. I can't thank her enough for taking such good care of us and making sure that we had the wedding day that we dreamed of.

kimberly tran

Where do I begin... I requested to meet her in person before signing on as soon as I met her I fell in love! I know looks should be irrelevant in the booking process, but I was so impressed by her professionalism, her demeanor, and her beauty. I knew that she would be able to command and direct my wedding party and that she is exactly the kind of person I'd want to represent myself. She always went out of her way for me. Even though she lives 1.5 hours away, she never tried to compromise my venue walk through or my wedding rehearsal. Texts and emails were constantly exchanged through all hours of the day. I felt like she was my BFF from all the input and ideas she was giving me. I was completely confident in handing over the reigns to her.... She really is an angel sent to me for my wedding!

dorothy  blyskal

The annoying thing that everyone always tells you when you plan a wedding is "Nothing ever goes right on your wedding day, so just accept that now. It'll never be perfect."

I'm here to tell you: with Michelle in your corner, those people are absolutely wrong!

SURE your bridesmaid will over-commit to too-high heels that hurt her feet so much she can't walk with them on, so she begins to walk down the aisle BAREFOOT... but Michelle is there to GIVE HER THE SHOES OFF HER OWN FEET to solve the problem. So any problems that did come our way? Were completely solved by this WEDDING WIZARD Michelle. And I was none the wiser at any point.